Every now and then the humdrum routine of churning out web content gets interesting and exciting.

When I was approached to create a new web presence for a local company, and having looked at their current website, my initial thoughts were “at least I won’t have the usual waiting time for the client to give me content”.

Usually, the planning stage of any new website project involves a consultation with the client to get an idea of what they think they need the website to do. Next, we would discuss design, features and budget including on-going maintenance etc.

Then when everything is agreed, usually it’s an uphill struggle to get any relevant content from the client, because they don’t know how to promote their own business or are too busy working to give time to writing content.

So in my experience, I make it up and present them with something which is usually wrong and has to be done over and over until we eventually get the client happy.

David Koch, the managing director of Dry Fusion Scotland Ltd, was refreshingly different.

David’s progressive attitude and enthusiasm is contagious. Here is a man who knows exactly what he wants and is definitely going places with his unique talents and forward-looking business plans.

It was a pleasure to have nearly every one of my suggestions and designs accepted so readily; his appreciation of my efforts was driving me on to want to do more. This freedom to my creative side was most enjoyable for me.

The basic site build was easy since we already had most of the content in the old site. I was given the freedom to introduce innovations such as Chat robots and widgets to create customer interactions like call back buttons etc.

The site was built to be fully compliant and mobile-friendly, also optimised for all browsers. We then beefed up the backend security and installed code to allow us to track visitor behaviour etc.

The blog and social media section will constantly be providing the latest information on the services that Dry Fusion can offer and I have no doubts that this progressive company will do well and I look forward to our ongoing promotion and upgrading of this fresh new website.

Please play the short video below and let me have your comments about the site @ www.dryfusionscotland.co.uk