Number Eleven

Number Eleven, Does advertising work? Website digital advertising is unique in that you get live feedback on how effective your budget is being spent, so you know if it’s working for you.

It is so easy to throw money at digital advertising, how many have pressed the Facebook Boost button?

Pressing boost is easier than doing the grunt work of finding the right keywords, and finding your best audience and researching what they are looking for. How about looking at what your competitors are doing? Too much like hard work? Why not let us do it for you?

Yes, we have a tool for that 😉

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Questionsamurai is a tool not for finding just keywords, this tool returns real search results from Google and Youtube based on whatever seed keyword you use. So you get to know exactly what people are searching for before you pay to advertise to them.

Audiencer  Another audience tool with self learning algorithms help you discover related interests to target in your niche.

We use this tool for finding Facebook audiences pertinent to your niche.

So, once AdSightPro, Audiencer and Question Samurai have provided the content and targeted the audience, we can start to build an advertising campaign on Adwords and Social media for you.

Boomerang Powerful Retargeting + Conversion Tracking software. Most people don’t buy on the first click these days. In fact, on average, they need about 7 interactions with your brand before making a purchase.

This means retargeting done properly is something you don’t want to miss in your marketing efforts …

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